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Welcome to Echt-IT

We offer a flexible range of IT options to ensure you have the most effective level of support for your systems.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

We offer data recovery services for mostly end users on Internal, External and Laptop Harddrives. Free Data Recovery quotes from Echt-IT will not only save you time but also save you money on recovering your data. Echt-IT also offers a no recovery no charge policy.


Cloud Services

Afraid of data loss? Then Cloud storage is your answer. We will assist with setting up your cloud storage where you can access your data any location worldwide and with great security on your data.

Desktop support

Desktop Support

We offer a wide range of desktop support such as Operating system support, Email support, Software support and hardware support.

Internet Support

Internet Support

Do you need internet connection? Echt-IT will assist you with an existing internet connection or with any new solution. We offer great solutions for home and small offices.



Security is the most important aspect on your machine these days. Echt-IT will assist with free-ware antivirus and more secure Antivirus packages with a reasonable price

Contact us any time you need us! All of our IT Consultants are always on standby to assist you in any IT related issue you may encounter.

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